Why Construction Concierges Provide Architectural Services
October 20, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Work with architectural services to get the renovation of your dream, like this contemporary townhome in New York City.

Remodeling a property is your chance to make it look the way you’ve always wanted. That might mean demolishing the previous owner’s poor taste to reveal obscured historical details or repurposing space to better fit your needs. In the simplest form, a renovation comes down to two elements, design and construction.

They’re both crucial for making a property look its best, from crown molding to flooring. But who handles the design of a project? The property owner? Contractor? Or subcontractors? Working with an architectural service for your property renovation provides professional guidance and a unified vision to ensure the final product is even better than you imagined.

What are architectural services?

Architects combine the art of design with building engineering science to create beautiful spaces and meet city, local, and state building requirements. If you’re renovating a historic building, unusual space, or simply want an eye-catching home or business that has the “wow” factor, architectural services are essential.

Because of the years of training and stringent licensing requirements, architects are valuable resources for designing and safely building in existing structures, including historic and unconventional spaces.

The benefits of working with an architect

Many contractors have a natural talent for design, and years of experience, so they’re able to draft plans for a renovation that looks great, even without formal training. Or, many people planning a remodel will go to a draftsperson to develop drawings–someone who can provide schematics and elevations without an architecture license.

But working with a licensed architect gives you unparalleled peace of mind. They will create custom drawings for a renovation that reflects your aesthetics and ideas, plus they’ll ensure that your plans meet local and state codes. You can feel confident your property will be structurally safe and sound for years to come.

Why many property owners don’t use architectural services

Simply put, working with a separate contractor and architect can be expensive and a hassle. As the property owner, you coordinate to get plans submitted where they need to go. Plus, you’ll have to stay involved with communications between two entities throughout the project duration.

An architect provides superior results, but many property owners prefer to avoid stress by letting the contractor handle everything, from design to drafting the plans. However, working with a construction concierge offers you the best of both worlds.

How is a construction concierge different from a contractor?

A construction concierge is a single point of contact for your property renovation. At beaulive, we’re a team of contractors, architects, and designers with decades of experience in creating defining high-end residences and businesses across the country. When you begin a remodel with us, you’re assigned a project manager to be your single point of contact throughout the process.

They coordinate with our in-house architect, Benjamin Oliver, who specializes in high-end residences and the commercial and hospitality sector. Our full-service design and construction system makes any project––no matter how extensive––stress-free.

Beaulive is a New York construction concierge providing scalable, full-service contracting and architectural services.

Our goal is to make construction and renovation stress free for property owners. We have over two decades of experience and have worked on some of the most revered properties across the country.

Over the years, we’ve created a streamlined system for the design and construction of high-end home renovations. Our clients can be as involved as they want. Project managers provide daily progress reports to instill peace of mind and confidence the renovation is progressing on schedule.

Instead of the stress and hassle of dealing with contractors, we’re a single point of contact that coordinates designers, subcontractors, and even architectural services. Get in touch with our team to plan your renovation today.