Common misconceptions about home remodeling in NYC
November 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Common misconceptions about home remodeling in NYC

Between reality TV and things we simply want to believe about home remodeling, there are a lot of myths out there. For instance, did you know that you can save money by hiring a professional? At beaulive, we want to help you create realistic expectations, so we’ve put together a short guide to dispel some common misconceptions and myths about home remodeling in NYC.

Myth: You can easily DIY.

There’s plenty of stress that comes with a home remodel that you don’t need to add more to your plate by doing it yourself. A DIY remodel takes designing, planning, scheduling, and carrying out the work yourself. Part of doing the work yourself also requires that you have time to complete the job. You could spend months trying to balance your already busy schedule with the time that it takes to install a new island or paint the bathroom.

Myth: Remodeling doesn’t require any permits.

The myth that you don’t have to get permits for a remodel seems to come from reason, especially if you’re not kicking out a wall and adding square footage to your home. However, getting a permit is a necessary step to ensure that everything you’re doing in your remodel will be done correctly and safely.

Myth: You get 100% ROI on a remodel.

Remodeling a part or all of your home is an investment. It’s not uncommon to want to continue to dump a bunch of money into your remodel because you’re thinking you’ll get it all back when you sell the home. Keep in mind that while you’re going to increase the value of your home with a remodel, you’re getting only a percentage of what you spend on your remodel back as equity. What’s more, there are certain upgrades that you might make that won’t add any value at all.

Myth: Remodels can be done fast.

Reality TV shows where crews perform remodels in an hour-long show make it look like the job can be done quickly. What they’re not showing is the change of seasons with the major projects. It can often take several months and a large crew to complete a project but you don’t see this with editing. It’s much more appealing to see a project go together quickly than how long it really takes to get it done.

Myth: Cutting corners saves money.

You can always cut corners in a project by skimping on materials. This will cut down on your costs during the remodel so you don’t have to deal with the sticker shock. Although, you’ll often have to pay more to replace inferior materials down the road than you would buy quality materials from the start. Spend the money to start so you don’t have to spend the money twice a few years down the road.

Myth: Add a bedroom instead of a bathroom.

There’s a saying that you should add a bedroom before you add a bathroom. This is a fallacy based on adding livable square footage to your home. What you decide to add to your home should be based on what you already have. Think about your bathroom to bedroom ratio to make the decision. For example, if you have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, you can comfortably add a bedroom to your home. If you have three bedrooms and a single bathroom, it would be best if you added a bathroom. Consider what you have and how it will balance your home.

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