How sustainable construction companies build viable homes
June 9, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A view of a modern kitchen with barstools at the island, wood flooring, wood cabinets, and a giant window pane permitting sunlight to pour in. Sustainable construction companies sustain your dreams.

Sustainability is often a secondary concern during renovations. However, as the climate changes, we have to adapt. Part of preserving our life on this planet is making conscious efforts to live sustainably. That’s why sustainable construction companies are so essential! If you’re unsure how to renovate your home sustainably, beaulive is your premier solution. For over 2 decades, we’ve been supplying New York City with luxury renovation services. We’re a one-stop shop that handles every aspect of the renovation. You just have to dream big.

Here are 3 ways to renovate sustainably:

1. Windows

One of the most overlooked ways sustainable construction companies can build more environmentally friendly homes is through windows. Windows can have a dramatic impact on your carbon impact.

Firstly, double-glazed windows are a perfect way to insulate your home. This keeps it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Over 50% of lost energy is attributed directly to inefficient windows. Other window treatments to consider include:

  • Nonconductive framing materials
  • Special reflective coatings
  • Air-tight sealing

Double-pane windows should be the bare minimum, and it’s essential to ensure they’re sealed properly. However, understanding precisely what is ideal for your climate and circumstances is difficult.

Luckily, with beaulive, we offer transparent communication. You tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll make your dream home a reality.

2. Take advantage of the sun

The most effective way sustainable companies build greener homes is with solar panels. This energy source emits far fewer fossil fuels and is a significantly lesser strain on the environment.

Even better, there are multitudes of tax breaks and federal incentives that make an ROI after installation quick and plentiful. However, you can also use the sun in other ways. For example, it’s recommended to orientate your home to optimize how you use sunlight.

This calculated decision requires a passive solar heating design. This design reduces how much you have to spend to warm your home. By utilizing materials that reflect, absorb, and transmit cascading sunlight, you regulate the movement of sun-heated air.

However, this requires extensive guidance from an architect to implement effectively. Luckily, at beaulive, our expert architects can make any desired design a reality.

3. Energy-efficient appliances

When considering sustainable construction companies in New York City to transform your domicile into a more eco-friendly home, don’t forget what you use most.

In day-to-day life, we use household appliances with a regularity we rarely consider. However, this means when your appliances aren’t sustainable, your life isn’t sustainable. Sustainable appliances are an absolute imperative.

Their initial cost may seem steep, and this expense will deter some entirely. What’s important to remember is the cost of using them is significantly lower. After the initial investment, you’ll save dividends down the road and the appliances will promptly pay for themselves.

Virtually everything we use in our daily life can be more sustainable. This includes:

  • Stoves/ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Water heaters
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Air conditioners

Be aware that you get what you pay for. Brands like Energy Star are industry leaders for a reason. The reformation of these finer details ultimately does the most good.

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