Tips for Renovating Your Luxury NYC Apartment
November 13, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Renovated luxury NYC apartment.

Whether you want a kitchen makeover or a brand-new bath, renovating requires time and effort. There’s a lot of planning, coordinating, and decision-making involved to ensure a smooth process, as well as an outcome you'll fall in love with. With a luxury apartment renovation in NYC, the stakes are even higher. You’ll want to be careful in choosing the perfect materials and the best craftsmen for your project. This is key to making sure your investment enhances the value of your property and stands the test of time. 

To help you get started as you plan your renovation, we’ve put together these practical tips and industry insights every property owner should know before starting a luxury renovation.

Prioritize Enduring Quality, Not Brand Names

When renovating a luxury apartment in NYC, the quality of the materials and products you choose is paramount. Especially when replacing or upgrading major elements such as flooring, tiles, cabinets, or appliances, using premium materials will enable you to maintain the luxury aesthetic of your home.

However, that doesn’t mean purchasing the most expensive brands will yield the best results. In fact, some brands have a high price tag and an attractive appearance, but they aren’t known for high performance, practical functionality, or lasting quality. To maximize every dollar you spend, do your research or consult with experts to help you make informed decisions.

Work with Experienced Craftsmen

In New York, there are countless builders, glazing experts, painters, and other specialists. Finding the best one for the job isn’t easy. However, the reality is, even with premium materials and a great design, poor quality work can ruin your luxury renovation.

When deciding which contractors to work with, look for those with experience in luxury renovations. Ask for references and have an expert assess their past work. The craftsmen you want to work with are those that have a vast portfolio to share and former clients who rave about their work.

Customize for Your Lifestyle

You’re probably investing a lot of money and time into this project, so make it work for you. Don’t simply follow the current trends when choosing the layout and style for your renovation. Factor in what aesthetic and functional features will make a difference for you. Work with a design team that can listen to your preferences and tastes and then translates that into a custom design that elegantly complements your lifestyle.

If you love to cook and have guests over, open up your kitchen and put more focus on practical appliances and materials that are both beautiful and easy to clean. If you want a green apartment, your designer should be willing to come up with creative ideas to help you save energy and integrate sustainable materials into the design. This is your home, so spend the time to consider what you’ll love now and for years to come.

Make Decisions with Confidence

At Beaulive, we’ve worked on dozens of luxury apartment renovations in NYC and know what elements are necessary for a successful renovation. From choosing high-quality materials to ensuring your design choices are optimized for your lifestyle, we’ll help you get more out of your project.

We’ll also take the stress and hassle out of the process so you can have total confidence in the process. Trust our experienced team to handle hiring, coordinating contractors, and designing. We offer an end-to-end concierge and project management service that streamlines the renovation experience for our clients while optimizing results. View our portfolio to see our past projects and then get in touch to get started — we look forward to hearing about your vision.