When is the best time to renovate your home?
August 21, 2020 at 7:00 AM
When is the best time to renovate your home? Tips from a high end residential construction firm in NYC

Renovation is a great way to update any living space, whether you’re remodeling your home’s interior or exterior. When considering home renovation, there are many factors that can affect your plans, including weather, the price of materials, supply and demand, and more.

At Beaulive, a high end residential construction firm in NYC, we’ve helped many homeowners build the property of their dreams. Our quick guide below will give you a better idea of when you should start your next home renovation project.

Factors to consider when renovating your home

In most parts of New York state, spring and summer are the top seasons for starting a home renovation project. While it’s true that the warmer weather makes it easier to work, especially for outdoor projects, the weather isn’t the only consideration.

The best time for your home renovation is when you can make the most of your budget and have the least amount of hassle. Here are the top factors that you should keep in mind:

Price of materials

Just like most products, the cost of lumber, paint, flooring, and other materials fluctuate throughout the year depending on supply and demand.

This doesn’t mean you should necessarily schedule your home renovation when the price of these products is low. Why? Because other homeowners might have the same idea, leading to longer wait times for contractors.

Instead, consider buying these materials when they’re cheapest, and then storing them until you’re ready to begin renovations.

Type of project

The best time to begin home renovations greatly depends on the type of project. For instance, you may want to redo your outdoor living space, build a new deck, or add a patio. For outdoor projects like these, it’s best to schedule your renovations for spring or early summer. This is when temperatures are ideal for working outdoors.

Also, certain outdoor projects require digging, and the ground is usually soft in the spring. By starting your outdoor project in spring or early summer, you can enjoy your new deck or patio once the temperatures really start heating up.

For indoor renovations, such as kitchen or bathroom remodeling, weather usually won’t affect your project, so you have more flexibility.

Busy seasons

Something to keep in mind is that the best time for your project might coincide with the best time for others. Many people contact our high end residential construction firm in NYC during spring and early summer. These are busy times for home remodeling in general.

If you start your project during the busy season, then you may be waitlisted when trying to find a contractor. If this is a concern for you, then it’s best to start renovations during the off season for your particular project.

For example, if you want to enjoy a new outdoor deck come springtime, consider starting the project in early winter, which is the off season. If you’re thinking about remodeling your fireplace and living room area, you can beat the seasonal rush by starting in summer.

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