Why Now is the Best Time for Interior Renovation in NYC
May 11, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Living dining room and patio

Summer is naturally the top choice for interior design in NYC and surrounding places. The weather is ideal for doing projects of any scope and watching them come to life. And, if you have school-aged children at home, they’re out of school so your schedule’s much lighter.

There are other great reasons why you should start planning your interior renovation now. Working with homeowners throughout NYC here at Beaulive, we always find this to be a choice time of year to get started.

Learn about them here.

Your summer renovation may take longer than you think

Between finalizing designs and finding the right contractors to work with, you are going to spend a lot of time planning your project.

It’s generally advisable to start planning three to six months before the renovation, which makes this an especially good time.

Of course, you can shave away several weeks or even months by developing efficient working relationships. Instead of working with five to six different contractors, simply find one partner who manages everything.

For example, Beaulive handles hiring, contracting, and designing entirely on behalf of clients. Working with us, your one touchpoint for maintaining oversight of your project is an always available and communicative project manager.

In essence, you only pay for the designer while enjoying a much faster, much easier-to-manage renovation.

Plus, with the weather so great, you still have plenty of time to align your vacation with the project to avoid witnessing any of the construction work.

With a project manager, you still get detailed daily updates even while away.

Have more time to enjoy your outdoor renovations

It’s a huge disappointment when the renovations you’d planned are only complete at the onset of less pleasant weather. While you may wait for next summer to fully enjoy the renovations, there’s simply something special about experiencing them while they’re brand new.

Think about this more if your interior redesign in NYC is going to include upgrades like an outdoor kitchen, changes to your external landscaping, or installing a pool.

You may also be considering updating your exterior décor with perhaps new lighting fixtures, decorative features, or statement pieces.

Now is the perfect time to plan your project and get it finished while there are still pleasant days to enjoy.

Plus, the relatively good weather now means exterior work is much easier to perform in shorter time frames.

For projects like a new deck or other add-ons that require a foundation and footings, the weather provides excellent conditions for installation.

Get your kitchen ready for the holidays

After summer’s pleasant days are over once again, many people will be looking forward to the holidays. And when the holidays come around, you’ll need to rely on your kitchen as you prepare food for guests.

Planning your kitchen renovation late may mean that it’s not done in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Plan early, however, and you’ll have weeks to get used to your updated cabinetry and cupboards and the new finish. You’ll also have a more comfortable and functional kitchen for preparing food that will be the highlight of everyone’s festivities.

Breathe new life into your home with interior renovation in NYC from Beaulive

If you start planning your interior renovation now, you can finally enjoy the home of your dreams even before summer’s over. With Beaulive, you complete your project with both ease and maximum control. Your dedicated project manager handles all administrative work for you and provides informative daily summaries. That makes it possible for you to be hands-on or off as you like.

Request a quote today to start creating your desired home at this perfect time.